Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Holly's House

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Holly wrote such a sweet post about me following my passions. It's funny to me that she finds me an inspiration because I've always found her an inspiration to me. When I first met Holly at work she was this bubbly red head who knew everyone's name, and was not afraid to host a costume contest. She has a vibe about her that makes you want to be around her. I'd be at my ever loyal copy machine, and she'd walk up, "I'm going to France with a an insane price on tickets." "I'm going to Ireland, you have to help me plan the trip." "I'm going to New Orleans by myself. I figure, why not? I'll find some cool people to hang out with." What? By yourself? All by yourself? Take a trip? This was the moment I knew this girl had it figured out. She faces every fear she has, and she never says no to anything. She travels all over the world, and she also finds time to explore Chicago and send me inspiration pictures. I know that I can call her on a dime and meet up for drinks or go to an estate sale. She finds beauty in everything, and when you're around people who find beauty in everything, it makes life a lot more beautiful.

Holly, I hope one day you'll let me play designer in your home, but for now, this will have to do.

Wine rack: Pottery Barn
Couch: Etsy by Bohemiennes
Mirror: Holly won this in a silent auction at the closing of Bistro 110
Rug: West Elm
End Table: Jonathan Adler
Chandelier: Etsy by Antlerstuff

Head on over to faith and fairy dust to read all about Holly. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Feeling the Love

This semester has taken more mental energy than physical energy than my last semesters. My last 2 semesters will be a combination of both. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the past couple of weeks, and I'm pushing forward. I no longer work my retail job, but I did take an internship working in 3 showrooms at the Merchandise Mart. I'm working with a couple people on decorating and designing their spaces. My fantastic friend, Holly O'Hern of faith and fairy dust wrote a piece on yours truly, and it reminded me how wonderful it is to have such amazing support from people around you. I will be doing a post designing a digital space for Holly which will be so fun because she has an amazing eye for great pieces of furniture, art, carpet, clothing, etc. For today, I wanted to go back to my happy place.

What I love now:

Jonathan Adler Richard Nixon Throw
Tory Burch Flat

Kate Spade Tibit Plates

Striped Wristlet by Milloo - Etsy

White Tail Deer Antler by Vintagepickins - Etsy

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Door Stop - Etsy Shop

I always go into Etsy looking for something, and then I get distracted by something else, and hours later I have forgotten what I was originally looking for. However, there is always one shop I am drawn to, and I absolutely love everything The Door Stop has to offer. Jenny Nolan creates items that appeal to my Vintage Americana taste. Here are some of my favorite items:

Black Coat Rack with 3 Early 1900s Brass Hooks $72

3 Rustic Copper Cabinet Pulls $6.25
22"x22"Chalkboard with 2 Hooks $64
Set of 3 Nautical Anchor Wall Hooks $30
Please stop by The Door Stop and take a peek at all of Jenny's wonderful items. She also has a supply shop as well, so check that out here, and start redecorating!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Upon getting home from work on Friday, there were 2 packages waiting. One I couldn't carry by myself, so I had to wait eagerly for Hubs to get home. One was a surprise for Hubs, and it just so happened that it went perfectly with the other item we bought:

Ottoman/Coffee Table from for $200!
My gift to Hubs: Reclaimed Wood Tray via Gilt - $26, originally $50
Then Hubs and I went on a walk on Saturday afternoon. We stopped into World Market to see what was knew, and then we went up to T.J. Maxx where hiding behind a picture I found this:

Mirror $ at $160
As soon as I showed Hubs he said, "No way we don't get that." So, we had to bypass grocery shopping for a little while so we could get this gem home. It's heavy, and of course a little awkward to carry.

In just one weekend we found fantastic deals that is helping to transform our place into Vintage Americana. Here's the laundry list:

*Cowhide rug from flea market: $200, normally these can run from $300-$1,000
*Antique Mall Mirror: $45
*Ottoman: $200
*Tray: $26 (however, I got it for $13 after I used a credit)
*Large Maxx Mirror: $79.99
*Quart of Paint for Trim: $13
*Moving Baskets and furniture to other rooms for other purposes: Free

For just under $550 we have really transformed our space. There are still things we want and things we want to do, but we are trying to sell items as well to get rid of some clutter and items we don't need anymore. Check out Craigslist! We're selling our bedroom furniture set! Also, I'm selling a wicket dresser, nightstand, and mirror from my childhood furniture set which my mom is nice enough to house.

Friday, July 15, 2011

So Fresh and So Clean

Today's is my 100th post on this site, I have 20 "official" followers, and it's Friday. I feel like all of this calls for a little celebration. I'm going to celebrate by doing laundry this weekend! Yes! I can't wait! I've been waiting for 2 days now...just itching to do all the laundry. For those who know me, you might know my love for clean laundry, but why all the drama and excitement? Well, Hubs surprised me the other night. Here is my impromptu present:

Dryer sheets! If you're having a flashback to Father of the Bride "He got me a blender!" then I completely understand. However, I've been eyeing The Laundress products for a while now. The products are eco-friendly, and they smell a posh New York hotel. Check out The Laundress, and be inspired to take care of your clothes!

The stars are also aligning this weekend being that Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale starts today. So, go buy something, and wash it!

Have a fantastic (clean, fresh, and fun) weekend!
Much Love,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Design on a Budget

Let's face it...we're all still climbing out of the recession, and it's hard to decide to spend a lot of money on home design when there are still more important things that need to be addressed. To me, what could be more important than a beautiful home? There is nothing more relaxing and comforting than coming home to a clean and organized home. Add pretty to that equation and the stress of the day is left outside. Sometimes I think that the less expensive decor is better quality. Here are some of my favorite inexpensive home decor accessories and furniture:

Votive Candle in Hammered Metal Bowl: $9.99, Target
Decorative Pillow: $24.99, Target
Owls: $9-$16, West Elm
Coffee Table: $279, IKEA
Lamp: $125, Pier One

For under $500 you can swap out a piece of furniture, change the mood, and decorate. Get to it!

Monday, July 11, 2011


After all the trim had been painted, and all the brushes washed, it was time and I for Hubs and I to relax...
However, we then decided that the layout and decor of the place just wasn't working, and while everything was out of place, we should consider a new place and try something different. Who says that you can't work with what you already have? We took all of our existing items and moved them around to create a completely different feel.

Originally the secretary was in a little nook in between the laundry closet and the bathroom. Now...

And the secretary...

has now become our little linen closet, and we're able to hide our bathroom products in drawers. I had a little side table originally in the bathroom which has moved as well...

It is now our cookbook holder behind our couch, so we have a little book nook if you will. So, if you don't like your layout and decor, don't give up, just switch it around to give you a different vibe. Furniture is not stuck to the ground once it's shouldn't be static for too long. Plus, you never know what may be living under the furniture if it never moves...
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